KC-360N-D 創可貼包裝機

  • KC-360N-D 創可貼包裝機
    1. KC-360N-D 創可貼包裝機

KC-360N-D 創可貼包裝機

KC-360N-D 創可貼包裝機???????1.?本機采用:PLC編程器,電腦觸摸屏,人機界面自動化控制系統,產品包裝

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KC-360N-D 創可貼包裝機



1. 本機采用:PLC編程器,電腦觸摸屏,人機界面自動化控制系統,產品包裝色標定位系統,產品包裝色標設備采用變頻調速,使生產速度很容易調整。

This machine adopts: PLC Programmable Controllor, Computer touch screen, Human-machine interface automatic control system, Color code tracking positioning system. Color tracking positioning system adopts frenquency Converter to regulate speed, thus it’s easy to adjust the production speed.

2. KC-360N-D機型采用多浮輥緩沖裝置,使離形紙與膠布在高速狀態同時牽引-剝離-復合時平穩,減少膠布的變形打皺及損傷。

KC-360N-D model uses Multi-floating roller buffer device, so that the anti-adhesive paper and the tape are steady while towing - stripping - compounding at high speed , reducing the deformation fight wrinkles and the damage to the tape.

3. 本機采用電磁鐵光控開關控制,可隨意調整產品自動切斷。

The machine using light-control switch to control solenoid ,so it can change the number of products to cut off automatically.

4. KC-360N-D機型可以在工作狀態中很方便調整膠布、針孔、藥帶、包裝紙的正確位置

KC-360N-D model can easily adjust the working condition of tape, pinhole, medicine belt and wrapping paper to the correct location.     

5. KC-360N-D機型藥墊的送料方向與膠布的行走方向一致。

KC-360N-D model's drug pad feeding and tape walking are in the same direction.

6. 整機傳動采用同步帶輪傳動方式.使設備在高速運行和停止時平穩,同時可消除機器寸動現象及噪音

Machine drive adopts timing belt wheel drive mode. The equipment is smoothly when it is in high-speed operation and stopped, while eliminating the phenomenon of machine-inch movement and noise.

7. 設備外殼采用不銹鋼板包裝,易清潔保養符合國家衛生標準

The outer casing of the equipment using stainless steel packaging, easy cleaning and maintenance , in line with national health standard.



生產速度 Production speed

0-360 片/分鐘  0-360 pieces/minute

功率 Power


機器尺寸  Machine dimension

3300x800x1800mm長*寬*高 (L*W*H)

機器重量 Machine weight


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