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膏藥貼片機 ?KC-G-A

膏藥貼片機Medical Patch making Machine?KC-G-A?本機是一款高速膏藥貼生產線,采用國內外先進技術,設備運行中,電腦全程監測??缮a小孩肚臍貼,風濕止

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膏藥貼片機Medical Patch making Machine 





The equipment is a high-speed medical patch production line uses of advanced technology from abroad, in the operation, the computer system monitoring the whole production. The machine can produce child abdomen plaster, rheumatism painful plaster, plaster stick, mammary gland plaster, ect.


 Each material unwinding device and each waste collection device are controlled by magnetic powder tension system.


Each feeding section and cutting section uses the motion control system of well-known brands at home and abroad to carry out electrical software programming and automatically adjust the phase of the equipment in operation,touch screen visualization.


High - speed steel mold processing, long life, easy to replace the die, input the corresponding parameters can be produced.


The production efficiency of the equipment is high, and the speed can reach 0-500 pieces/min, which can be completed by only one person.


The equipment is equipped with the function of automatic stop of missing materials and abnormal alarm of working position.


The equipment has the function of counting the output of products and counting the delivery of finished products.

(7)根據客戶生產需求可另外增加藥芯加磁 、藥芯加磁 、底托單排加磁 、雙排加磁 雙排珠光膜剝離等輔助功能    

According to the production requirements of customers, additional auxiliary functions such as adding magnetic core, single row magnetic backing, double row magnetic backing and double row pearlite film stripping can be provided.

8)詳細參數配置Main Technical Parameters


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